“Women in Leadership” – Where Are We At In 2017?
Istanbul Summit 2016: Reconsidering Gender Equality and Peaceful Societies
A Seminar on Sufism by TAI
An introductory seminar on the basics of Sufism for the freshman students from the College of Philosophy of Sirinakarin Wirot University.
TAI Friendship Dinner
Thailand Achievement Institute Hosted a Ramadan Friendship Dinner
U12 and U14 International Football Tournament held in Bangkok
Sports development is regarded as an integral part of fulfilling academic life, as it promotes physical fitness, is a great opportunity to create new friends and develop social skills, and teaches students important lessons about achieving goals and motivation.
Geneva Peace Conference II
Geneva Peace Conference II ( November 2015)
Turkish Marbling Art / EBRU Workshops
An International Conference: Compassion
Thailand Achievement Institute and Mahidol University Co-organized an International Conference

Events / News

“Women in Leadership” – Where Are We At In 2017?

Thailand Achievement Institute in collaboration with Embassy of Canada in Thailand, Belgium- Luxembourg, Danish, Finish, Franco, German, Hong Kong, Malaysian, Norwegian, New Zealand, Russian, Singapore, Swedish, and Thai-Turkish Chamber of Commerce, proudly presents “Women in Leadership” – Where Are We At In 2017?" luncheon panel discussion. This panel session is featuring four highly developed leaders, moderated by Canadian Joni Simpson who will focus on “Gender Equality” in the workplace.

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Istanbul Summit 2016: Reconsidering Gender Equality and Peaceful Societies I 7-8 May I Bangkok, Thailand

Istanbul Summit 2016 organized by the Thailand Achievement Institute and Journalists and Writers Foundation on 7-8 May, 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand

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Our Message of Condolence for the Great Loss of Thailand

Thailand Achievement Institute offers the people of Thailand and the Royal family its profound sympathy at this sad time. Our thoughts and prayers are with all people of Thailand. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej was greatly respected at home and around the globe for his wisdom and dedication. He will be long remembered and will be deeply missed.  

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An aromatherapy study visit to Turkey

Thailand Achievement Institute arranged an aromatherapy study visit to Turkey for the College of Oriental Medicine, Rangsit University and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Prince of Songkla University, between 15-22 November, 2015.

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Ensuring Child and Maternal Health: Key to Universal Health Coverage

Thailand Achievement Institute, TAI, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand, the National Institute for Child and Family of Mahidol University, World Health Organization, International Epidemiological Association, UNICEF, Thai Health Promotion Foundation and the Journalists and Writers Foundation of Turkey, JWF, jointly organized the 12th SEA Regional Scientific Meeting of the International Epidemiological Association 2015 and the 2nd Annual Conference of TAI & JWF of

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